Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Welcome to the home of the White Pine 50 Backcountry Run!  

The WP50 was conceived in 2017 as a looped course to showcase upper Logan Canyon trails, and fill a distance between the local 26-mile Logan Peak Trail Run and the Bear 100.  It also serves as a Bear qualifier and covers some of the same amazing trails as the Bear, except in daylight.  It look a lot of work, but permits were finally secured in 2020 just in time for an August debut of the race!  

More information about the course, registration and volunteer opportunities can be found on Ultrasignup.com 

Magog Peak towers above White Pine Lake

In the future, we may move the date up a bit for cooler weather and less dust (late June?) . We are also considering running the course in reverse every other year for variety and twice the CR opportunities!  

The White Pine 50 Backcountry Run is owned by Limber Pine Outdoors LC and is a permittee of the Wasatch Cache Uinta National Forest, USDA.